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“It felt like I haven’t met Arti in 5 years”- Karan Singh Grover

by Ankit Jaiswal
"It felt like I haven't met Arti in 5 years"- Karan Singh Grover

Currently known as one of the most dignified contestants of the Bigg Boss 13 house, Arti Singh has really made a strong mark with her clean personality and righteous game in the house!

While a lot of the housemates have also been in favour of Arti for playing a dignified game throughout, Arti has also been getting immense support for the same from outside the house from her family and close friends as well.

One of her closest and oldest friends, actor Karan Singh Grover who has also been following Arti’s journey in the house, recently went inside for a task where he too highly praised Arti for the way she has been conducting herself in the house!

Karan who Arti also calls her ‘Jigar Ka Tukda’, was immensely happy on meeting his friend after so many months! Speaking about how it was to see her after this long, he shares,”It felt really good to see Arti after so long yesterday! It felt like I haven’t met Arti in 5 years, even though its just been 4 months! Arti and I have never not met each other for this long of a timespan! And I definitely needed that hug from her, and she needed it from me too, so ‘acha laga’.”

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