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Two-Day Magic Workshop For An Act In Nach Baliye 9

by Ankit Jaiswal

If you thought a dance reality show was just about dance you were mistaken. There is a lot that goes on before an act that is performed on stage. Since the conception of the act, there are a lot of thought, technical and creative details that are looked into until the final performance by contestants.

Actress Anita Hassanandani and husband Rohit Reddy who is currently performing on the ninth season of Nach Baliye have been teasing us with their upcoming performance on their respective social media. Fans are already aware that their upcoming performance is a spooky vampire act for which Anita had to spend 2 hours on the makeup chair to get into the look of a vampire with face painting, vampire fangs, and elaborate costume to compliment the act.

We have also been informed that the couple had to take a two-day magic workshop specifically for the act. The act supposedly has three magic tricks and going by Anita’s recent Instagram post one of them comprises of her body being split into halves. To get the stunts right Anita & Rohit had to spend hours learning stage magic and taking a workshop for the same.

Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/B1bIbKIAcS2/?igshid=eywdnoaj1bs4

We are highly impressed by the sheer dedication of the couple and the amount of hard work and dedication they have been putting to each of their acts. The weekend is a few more days away but our hearts are already getting impatient to watch them perform.

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